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Gold Beach

You haven’t really seen the Oregon Coast until you explore Gold Beach.

In this friendly community where the Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean, the beaches stretch for miles in blissful quiet and the seaside hills make for brag-worthy hikes. If you’re into thrills, join a jetboat tour on the Wild and Scenic Rogue or charter a fishing boat into the ocean. And if you haven’t yet heard of the world-renowned brewery here, you better get a taste.

Trip Ideas

  • A Wild River and Scenic Coastline in Gold Beach
    A whisker-faced river otter pops his head out of the water just yards away from our boat. I manage to get off a single shot with my camera before it dives again and re-surfaces nearby.... More
  • Go Rogue in Gold Beach
    Located at the mouth of the Rogue River, Gold Beach is an ideal coastal destination for people who enjoy long walks on the beach, boats and down-to-earth local flavor. “The Rogue kind of explains who... More
  • Discover Gold Beach
    The renowned Rogue River has been a favorite destination of mine for as long as I can remember.  I’ve fished the upper and lower stretches, ran the rapids and stayed in rustic, somewhat primitive lodges... More
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Gold Beach


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What are some romantic spots along the Oregon Coast? We’re driving up the coastline from California.

If your idea of romantic spots is sharing spectacular scenery, your visit to the Oregon Coast will be a can’t-miss. I suggest you stop at the Oregon Welcome Center as you cross the state line near Brookings. Be sure to pick up information on the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. You will enter this…


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