Where would you like to stargaze in Oregon? ✨

With large swaths of night sky free from light pollution, Oregon is home to some of the best stargazing on the planet. Whether you’re camping in Oregon’s state parks, enjoying a ranger-led stargazing experience or venturing into the remote Oregon Outback, the stars await.

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Here are some tips for an awe-inspiring and stress-free experience.

  • If you’re looking for clear skies, check the forecast to avoid heavy cloud cover.
  • If you’re new to night-time excursions consider joining a guided night hike or stargazing tour, attending a star-party event or participating in a ranger-led experience. Many tours include transportation, food, lodging and expert navigation.
  • If you go on your own you may want to bring a camera and tripod, telescope and a paper map along with your Ten Essentials and download an app for stargazing.
  • Most headlamps have a red-light setting that will let you see at night but won’t disturb wildlife or other stargazers.
  • Be prepared as you travel to remote areas like the Oregon Outback, where cell service and gas stations are limited.
  • Support and be respectful of nearby small communities as you travel, and always be sure to pack everything out.