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Baker City

Baker City is more than a charming downtown.

Sure, you’ll want to visit the Geiser Grand Hotel, built in 1889, the award-winning Barley Brown’s Brew Pub and more than 100 historic buildings. But Baker City is also the centerpiece of Baker County — known as “the base camp for Eastern Oregon” — which includes parts of the Snake River, the Oregon Trail and Hells Canyon, plus the Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort. You’re welcome to explore it all.

Trip Ideas

  • Culinary Walking Tour of Baker City
    Most come to Baker City for some of the best hiking, backpacking and snow sports in the state. But this historic town is also emerging as one of the coolest little foodie towns in Eastern... More
  • Living History in Northeast Oregon
    There’s a place where cowboys and Native Americans aren’t just characters in old western movies; where cattle drives, campfire stories and endless star-studded skies are part of everyday life. Explore the vast history and rich... More
  • Base Camp Baker Adventures
    Outdoor adventures are easy to find across Eastern Oregon, where you can discover a treasure trove of activities that also teach you more about the state’s past. History runs deep across Oregon’s varied landscapes, including... More

History & Heritage Around Baker City

Explore The Oregon Trail
Baker City, Eastern Oregon
Baker Heritage Museum
Baker City, Eastern Oregon
Adler House Museum
Baker City, Eastern Oregon
Eastern Oregon Museum
Sumpter Municipal Museum

Tours and Trips Around Baker City

Hells Canyon Scenic Byway
Elkhorn Drive Scenic Byway
Journey Through Time Scenic Byway
Winter Wonderland in Baker City
Baker City, Eastern Oregon

Outdoor Adventure Around Baker City

Mountain Biking the Unknown Oregon
Baker City, Eastern Oregon
Where to Fuel Up on the Grande Tour Scenic Bikeway
Baker City, Eastern Oregon
The Wallowas
How to Ride the Old West Scenic Bikeway in Five Days

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Baker City


Ask Oregon

Is part of the Oregon Trail still visible in Eastern Oregon?

There are two great spots that I would suggest to see the Oregon Trail. One is Blue Mountain Crossing, just off I-84, about nine miles west of La Grande. It’s a half-mile paved, easy accessible trail that follows some of the best preserved and most scenic traces of the Oregon Trails. Blue Mountain Crossing has discovery trails where you…


Events in Baker City

More Events

Baker City Farmers Market

September 26, 2018
Baker City, Eastern Oregon

Taste of Baker

October 6, 2018
Baker City, Eastern Oregon
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