Road Trip: Classic Portland

Portland is full of the new and shiny: There’s a brand new bridge spanning the Willamette River, fabulous breweries like Culmination Brewing popping up every day and award-winning chefs pulling down national awards left and right. But before this town was quirky and trendy, it was the City of Roses, so named for its elegant… More
: Portland skyline by Kenji Sugahara


Portland has many nicknames: Rose City, Beervana and Bridgetown, to name a few.

Like its monikers, Portland is pretty unique. It has world-renowned chefs and hundreds of food carts; art in theaters and outside on the street; the world’s largest independent bookstore and highest concentration of craft breweries; a huge urban forest; and a bridge reserved for bicyclists. This isn’t your typical city. If Portland wasn’t so different, it wouldn’t be Portland.

Trip Ideas

  • The Legend of Music Millennium
    The man behind Portland’s storied record shop Music Millennium is an icon in the world of independent music. He pioneered in-store performances, helped launch Record Store Day and continues to support the careers of some... More
    Anthony Roberts, Guest Author
  • Discover Forest Park’s Lesser-Known Trails
    Many of us know every twist and turn to the hike at Pittock Mansion, or the lower Maplewood Trail or Wildwood Trail — three of the most popular and easily accessible parts of the lush green Portland... More
  • Craft Chocolate Tour of Portland
    Well-versed in the virtues of craft beer, spirits, cheese, charcuterie and, of course, coffee, Rose City residents also enjoy the fruits of the city’s other bean scene: craft chocolate. Wielding homemade winnowers and repurposed grain... More
    Jen Stevenson, Guest Author

Tasty detours in Portland

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Feasting in Portland’s Jade District
Tea Tour of Portland
A World of Flavor at Portland Mercado
Explore Oregon Beervana
Portland Urban Wineries

Family fun in Portland

5 Family-Friendly Hikes Around Portland
OMSI – Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Oregon Zoo
Oaks Amusement Park

Arts & Culture in Portland

A Hub for Makers
Artists Transform Portland’s Blank Walls
Unique Sounds of the Oregon Symphony
Portland Art Museum

Venture beyond the city

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Road Trip: Hillsboro
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Ask Oregon

Do you have recommendations for an afternoon tasting beer in Portland?

An afternoon doesn’t give you much time, so I’ll limit this list. Were you to be staying longer, this list could grow quite a bit. Deschutes in downtown Portland (actually the Pearl, but that’s not important) is definitely one of the best places to consider. You may well know Deschutes, but it’s really worth visiting the…


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