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Travel Alerts

Travel Oregon’s first priority is the safety of our residents and visitors. As we navigate life through historic wildfires, we always recommend consulting official resources prior to traveling to ensure access to your destination is safe.

Wildfire Conditions
Updated May 2, 2023

Like many states in the West, Oregon has seen an increase in the size of wildfires in recent years. While natural wildfires are a part of healthy forest ecosystems, uncontrolled wildfires caused by people can endanger lives, homes and vital natural resources.

Many wildfire-impacted areas remain closed, while others have reopened but still require caution when visiting. Here’s what you should know about visiting Oregon’s wildfire-impacted areas, and visiting during wildfire season in Oregon.

Before you head out, check road conditions at TripCheck and sign up for alerts and review emergency info, air quality data and latest fire updates at: Oregon Department of Forestry.

Visitors and residents are also encouraged to sign up for emergency mobile alerts on oralert.gov.

Are there currently wildfires in Oregon?

  • There are currently no large wildfires in Oregon.

Oregon Welcome Centers
Updated May 2, 2023

Where can I find an Oregon Welcome Center?

Oregon’s Welcome Centers (Portland International Airport, Ashland, Brookings, Seaside, Ontario, Klamath Falls, Boardman and Oregon City) are available to assist visitors in person but please check hours before visiting, as some temporarily close during winter months.

Visitors may call 1.800.547.7842 to request information, submit travel questions to Ask Oregon or visit to talk to a friendly staff member and pick up a few travel guides for the region you’re visiting.

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