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You don’t have to be a mountain biker to like Oakridge — but kudos if you are.

This thickly forested wonderland sits at the western foot of the Cascades and features hundreds of miles of singletrack trails. There are also hiking, horseback riding and special motorcycle and snowmobile trails. For anglers, there’s excellent trout fishing. And you can’t go wrong with a visit to the hot springs or local brewery.

Trip Ideas

  • Finding the Unexpected in Oakridge
    Oakridge, you stole my heart. You surpassed expectations and you provided a much-need respite from the daily grind. From your trails to your pint glasses, from your coffee shops to your hot springs and the... More
  • Hopstories: Brewers Union Local 180
    It’s not difficult to find good beer in Oregon. Just about every little town has a brewpub, most serving a good beer or two. But for beer lovers willing to wander off the beaten path... More
  • Small-Town Charm, Big-Mountain Riding
    Oakridge, a charming little timber-turned-mountain-bike town nestled in the majestic hills of the Willamette National Forest, has quickly made a name for itself as Oregon’s single-track sanctuary. Hundreds of miles of well-manicured trails, from steep... More
    James Williams, Guest Author

Inspiring Trips in Oakridge

Magical Moments in the Cascades
Weekend in Westfir and Oakridge
Cycle Oregon Spotlight: Oakridge
Immerse Yourself at the Westfir Lodge
Mountain Bike Oregon
Trans Cascadia

Don't Miss in Oakridge

Oakridge-Westfir Trails
Brewers Union Local 180
McCredie Hot Springs
Willamette Mountain Mercantile
Deep Woods Distillery
Lee’s Gourmet Garden
Office Bridge
Diamond Creek Falls

Ask Oregon

Where should we hike and mountain bike — and avoid crowds?

It sounds like you have quite the adventure planned! That is so exciting. I recommend checking out Summer Lake Hot Springs. It’s a little out of the way — about two hours southeast of Bend — but I find it less crowded, beautiful, and very peaceful. On your way over from Portland, I’d also suggest stopping along the way…

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