Trans Cascadia

Dylan VanWeelden,  Photographer
November 6, 2015 (Updated November 12, 2015)





Breakfast: Homemade french toast, sweetheart ham and charcuterie, maple syrup, strawberry compote and fruit served with fresh and locally roasted French press coffee

Lunch:  Massive bahn mi sandwiches on rustic baguette, served with French potato salad

Dinner: Prime rib, braised kale, salad, baguette, roasted garlic potatoes, tomato salad roasted and confit mushrooms, served alongside  fresh-hopped seasonal ales or a glass of pinot gris

Dessert: Freshly baked brownies, still warm from the oven

Sounds like a pretty good day worth of eating, right?  What if this day of indulgence was set deep in the Oregon woods – far away from long brunch lines, city folk, and the drone of busy life?


These are exactly the ingredients that were served up to an elite group of mountain bike racers at the inaugural Trans Cascadia mountain biking race.

Trans Cascadia wasn’t just the best eating in the some of the more remote settings you can imagine — Oregon’s rugged volcanic peaks, moist and thick loam soil, massive old growth trees,  and sinuous (and at times sinister) singletrack added to the amazing meals that Trans Cascadia provided riders.

Riders were treated to the best of Oregon’s backcountry riding during the day, then left to enjoy each other’s company around the campfire at night. With bellies full of excellent food and beer, they could climb into their bags to fall asleep under the stars each night.





If you have the chops to take on some of the burliest riding on the West Coast, I highly recommend staying tuned to and registering for the next Trans Cascadia race. The full Trans Cascadia experience is impossible to fully replicate, but you can go explore the wonders of the woods and adventurous back country riding in the Oakridge area with you and your buddies (just don’t count on the freshly baked brownies being warm after a long day’s worth of shredding).

For more information about riding in the Oakridge area, check out and plan your next adventure in the woods.

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