Oakridge-Westfir Trails

An ambitious network of mixed-use trails is under development in these Cascades gateway communities; check www.oregonbirdingtrails.org for updates. A levee path along Salmon Creek at the E end of Oakridge gives access to riparian thickets, with nesting songbirds such as Yellow Warbler and Warbling Vireo. Brushy slopes in logged areas above Oakridge and Westfir are a prime area for Mountain Quail; one Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC) in the late 1970s found 235, which still stands as the all-time CBC record. Western Scrub-Jay and Acorn Woodpecker reach the edge of their Willamette Valley range in oak woodlands around these two towns.

MP 34 on Hwy 58, 43 mi E of Eugene.