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Rocks of Oregon

Hiking, climbing, rockhounding and more: We've got a rock for you.

You can see it from any airplane window: Oregon’s rippled landscape of forested mountain ranges (a whopping 50 to be exact) is a large, patchwork blanket covering the Earth. From the Coast Range to the Cascade Range to the Blue Mountains to the Siskiyou Mountains, these geologic marvels are the reason Oregonians are so unabashedly outdoorsy. Who can blame us when there are volcanos like Mt. Hood to traverse, crags like those at Smith Rock to climb, prehistoric fossil beds like the Painted Hills to explore and a literal Crack in the Ground to hike through? Some of our top mountain trails are so beloved that hikers need to secure a permit before visiting, so we can protect these delicate ecosystems for generations to come.

If you’re not a hiker, skier, camper, cyclist or climber, perhaps you like to collect rocks. Rock hounds adore Oregon’s state rock (the cool thunder egg), the sparkling agates found along our 363-miles coastline, and the colorful gems and minerals that can be found in designated parts of our desert regions. We’ve got rugged rocks that are home to abundant wildlife, like the sea stacks along the Coast. There are also special rocks to walk through, like Fort Rock — a National Heritage Site that is home to the world’s oldest sandals and accessible only via a guided state park tour. All year-round, adventurers are drawn to Oregon’s spectacular rocks.


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