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Portland Region

Creativity knows no bounds in Portland’s urban core and surrounding cities.

With a reputation for originality, this region dares to dream — where streets serve as art galleries, nature parks are bigger than neighborhoods and chefs, winemakers and brewers are encouraged to experiment. Maybe it’s because inspiration is everywhere you look: in the forests and farms, rivers and rolling hills, skyscrapers and tiny houses, museums and gardens. Looking for a trip that’s out of the ordinary? You can find it in the Portland Region.

Trip Ideas

  • Nature Escape to Scappoose Bay
    What if there was a place close to Portland where you could quickly escape from city life and feel like you’re in another world? A place where you could almost lose yourself paddling through slim...
  • The Legend of Music Millennium
    The man behind Portland’s storied record shop Music Millennium is an icon in the world of independent music. He pioneered in-store performances, helped launch Record Store Day and continues to support the careers of some...
    Anthony Roberts, Guest Author
  • Portland’s Hotel Restaurants Dish it Up
    You may have noticed the array of boutique hotels have popped up downtown Portland and in the hip Pearl District and central eastside — all geared toward visitors with an eye toward style and personality....

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Portland Region


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Do you have recommendations for an afternoon tasting beer in Portland?

An afternoon doesn’t give you much time, so I’ll limit this list. Were you to be staying longer, this list could grow quite a bit. Deschutes in downtown Portland (actually the Pearl, but that’s not important) is definitely one of the best places to consider. You may well know Deschutes, but it’s really worth visiting the…


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