Mt. Hood Railroad

The Mount Hood Railroad serves as an economic lifeline for the Hood River Valley, carrying fruit and forest products to market since 1906. In the 1920s and 30s, the railroad was used as a commuter train by area residents. The rail tours offer several excursion options, including scenic tours, brunch and dinner trains, a western… More
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Mt. Hood & Columbia River Gorge

Soul-restoring moments live among these forests, snowy slopes and volcanic wonders. 

Here in a region where Oregon’s tallest mountain meets the mightiest river, inspiration comes in full force — during hikes along towering trees and waterfalls, after farm-fresh feasts showcasing the season, on cozy cabin getaways where the only to-do is snowshoeing, or atop a chairlift admiring the winter wonderland below. Mt. Hood is home to six ski areas and the nation’s longest ski season. The Gorge’s vistas just might take your breath away. Whatever your interests, Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge is ready for you.

Some areas of the Columbia River Gorge were impacted by the Eagle Creek fire of 2017. Before you head out, learn more about what’s open and closed on the Historic Columbia River Highway and check with USFS for the most up-to-date information on trail closures.

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Mt. Hood & Columbia River Gorge


Ask Oregon

Is there an alpine slide somewhere around Mt. Hood?

Yes, there is an alpine slide on Mt Hood, located at Ski Bowl East. In addition to the slide, they have 20+ activities available, including a zip line, bungee jumping, human hamster balls and more. My kids and I were just up there a couple of weeks ago and had a blast! Enjoy planning your…

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