Powell’s City of Books

Powell’s City of Books is a book lover’s paradise ⁠— the largest independent bookstore in the world.

Located in downtown Portland, occupying an entire city block, Powell’s stocks more than a million new and used books. Nine color-coded rooms house more than 3,500 different sections, offering something for every interest, including an incredible selection of out-of-print and hard-to-find titles.

Be sure to grab a map: The store takes up an entire city block and it’s easy to get lost among a  million books.

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  • TripAdvisor Rating
    June 9, 2024

    Must-do for Book Lovers

    Very easy to get lost, which was a good thing for me and a bad thing for my wallet! I kept finding books to buy. There's a great selection, definitely something for everyone here.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    May 27, 2024


    I love Powells books. Brings back memories of growing up. One of the last original spots of my childhood. Books for every choice of reading.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    May 14, 2024

    Great Experience

    I enjoy going to Powell's when in Portland. There is a large selection of used books with reasonable prices. I have also sold books to Powell's for a decent price. If you love books, Powell's is a must when in Portland.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    April 28, 2024
    E C

    Fun to explore

    They have an enormous selection spanning every genre. It's fun to explore the different sections. Checking out the rare books room was fun as well.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    April 2, 2024
    Thomas V

    Bags of Books

    We spent a good part of the afternoon here searching through the books, both old and new. It's a very large store. We left with big bags full of books. It's a good thing we had a car to load them into.

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