Portland Art Museum

With the distinction of being the oldest art museum in the Pacific Northwest, the Portland Art Museum (PAM) houses galleries dedicated to modern and contemporary art, photography, Native American art, graphic arts, and more. 

With over 35,000 works of art, it is the region’s most comprehensive visual arts resource.

The museum enters 2024 with a dynamic slate of exhibitions. From future-forward sneaker design to Impressionist masters and psychedelic posters, the exhibitions celebrate a wide range of artistic expression and offer visitors world-class experiences in the heart of downtown Portland. 

Opening in March 2024, Future Now: Virtual Sneakers to Cutting-Edge Kicks is an exhibition that sneaker-loving citizens of Portland and visitors are sure to enjoy—offering not only physical objects but digital imaginings, design concepts, and futuristic visions. 

Summer at the Museum brings French Moderns: Monet to Matisse, a stunning exhibition from the Brooklyn Museum featuring nearly 60 works of art from several renowned artists, opening in summer 2024. Pulling from the Museum’s deep collection of prints and drawings, Psychedelic Rock Posters and Fashion of the 1960s will present more than 150 rock posters representing the leading artists and designers of the genre alongside nearly 20 fashion items of the era. 

PAM will also host a strong set of critically acclaimed set of special exhibitions on view. The spectacular Africa Fashion (through February 18, 2024), from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and making its only West Coast stop at PAM, honors the irresistible creativity, ingenuity, and unstoppable global impact of contemporary African fashions. The exhibition offers a rewarding conversation with PAM’s expansive, powerful Black Artists of Oregon (through March 24, 2024), which celebrates the work of Black artists in our state over more than a century through an intergenerational tapestry of more than 200 artworks by 69 artists. 

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  • TripAdvisor Rating
    June 2, 2024

    Pure greed and disrespect

    Imagine going to the symphony concert , when for the full concert you were offered you get overture only - 10 min long. “Sorry, the musicians are sick or traveling”. That’s pretty much what we felt when we went to the Museum. Only one small exhibit was open and charging $50 for couple - is disgraceful and shameful. We drove from Seattle and were excited to come there, but - this is one of the worst museum experiences we ever had. Congratulations, curators, you put your museum in the lowest rating for us!

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    May 16, 2024

    Under Major Renovation: Save your money, don't go

    So incredibly disappointed. This museum is under such MAJOR renovations that they only had ONE--yes, ONE exhibition open-- yet had the audacity to charge the full entry fee. Given the circumstances, they should let anyone who visits in for free as a gesture of good will. And it looks like it will be years before there will be any semblance of a real museum open. Additionally, they don't participate in a national reciprocal museum program and appear to have a limited mostly regional reciprocal program from the info they shared. So don't waste your money or time on this while in Portland.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    December 10, 2023

    Embarassingly Bad Collection

    Portland has been one of the Premier Cities of the West Coast since the 1860s. You would assume that the city art museum would feature an impressive collection of art. Considering the age of the City, the local Art Museum is mighty sad. The core of collection was contributed by a wealthy family. The museum guides politely say the collection was "self curated". Th8s means that the collection was gathered by the name of the artist - and not by the artistic merit of the individual pieces. There is a "Van Gogh", but nothing like his popular paintings. A sad little donkey in blacks and dark browns. If you have any kmowledge of art history, this collection will be extremely disappointing. I personally do not recommend this collection

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    October 20, 2023

    No reduced admission available

    My main complaint is that they charged full fare for daily admission when only one exhibit was open due to construction. The exhibit was well done and enjoyable but not worth $25 admission.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    October 18, 2023
    Mark I

    Greedy cash grab

    How is this museum nervy enough to charge full price for access to 1/3 of the actual museum? Disgraceful. Greedy. I saw no disclaimer online when I purchased my tickets, either. Why does Portland have to keep letting its people down like this?

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