Play Travel Oregon: The Game

October 26, 2017

Congratulations! You have made it to Oregon. Now it’s time to explore.

Travel Oregon: The Game” pays tribute to the classic game you might remember from elementary school. Just as early American settlers traveled the historic Oregon Trail, you can travel through all seven regions of Oregon in our modern journey. You’ll ski, bike, sip wine, take scenic routes and more. Discover the winter gems of Oregon — all from your desktop or mobile device.

Here are a few things you might find along the way:

Painted Hills

Take in the open skies and storied history of Eastern Oregon, where pioneers first blazed a trail through Oregon Territory some 175 years ago. Today you’ll discover incredible vistas like the Painted Hills, and a few ghost towns along the way.

What to watch for in the game: Eastern Oregon’s fresh powder turns downhill and cross-country ski trails into a winter paradise.

Central Oregon

This outdoor playground we call Central Oregon definitely doesn’t hibernate in winter — it’s one of our favorite seasons to go outdoors, whether it’s skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing or stumbling upon a gushing waterfall.

What to watch for in the game: The slopes at Oregon’s “surfy” ski resort are known to resemble waves.

Crater Lake

The nation’s deepest lake is covered in snow during the winter, creating a beautiful landscape for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. In the surrounding region of Southern Oregon, you’ll find a diverse landscape of trails, world-class fishing, arts and culture.

What to watch for in the game: A historic gold rush town has reemerged as cultural hot spot for wine and the arts.

Oregon Coast

Thanks to the pioneering Oregon Beach Bill, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, the public can freely access every sandy inch of beach on the Oregon Coast.

What to watch for in the game: Cozy up during a winter storm (that is, when you’re not busy looking for wildlife).

Willamette Valley

The allure of the Willamette Valley reaches far beyond its reputation as a world-famous wine destination — it’s also the abundance of waterfalls, farm-to-fork food and woodsy cityscapes that keep folks entranced.

What to watch for in the game: A trail that weaves past 10 waterfalls might raise your standards for hiking.

Portland Region

Anchored by a bustling urban core, the Portland Region offers everything from craft breweries and sports leagues to wineries and hillsides just outside the city.

What to watch for in the game: The end of the historic Oregon Trail happens to be next to the nation’s second-largest waterfall, by volume.

Mt. Hood & the Columbia River Gorge

A trove of treasures lures visitors to Mt. Hood & the Columbia River Gorge year-round, but in winter the lakes, trails and vistas seem to really shine. Trace the final leg of the actual Oregon Trail along the mighty Columbia.

What to watch for in the game: Oregon’s tallest peak is home to alpine lakes that look like mirror images of the sky.

Ready to play? Load the station wagon, gather your party and see the state in a 8-bit kind of way.




Discover the Historic Oregon Trail

Wherever you go in Oregon (or in “Travel Oregon: The Game”), there’s a lot of history to explore. Many people learned that history through the original 8-bit computer game, but that ‘80s and ‘90s classic only begins to tell the story of the actual Oregon Trail, the epic 2,170-mile route that some 500,000 settlers traveled from the 1840s to 1860s. To pioneers, the trail — which commemorates its 175th anniversary in 2018 — presented dreamy opportunities for a new life. To many others, the arrival of thousands of settlers spelled doom. Read more to discover the truth of how the historic Oregon Trail forever changed the West.

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