Portland 101

It’s been called the City of Roses, the City of Bridges, Rip City, Portlandia and Beervana. As its nicknames suggest, Portland has much to offer. With so much to see and do, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here’s our primer to get you exploring. From food carts and farm-to-cone ice cream to breweries… More
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Portland Region

Take a nationally acclaimed dining destination, a cutting-edge artisan enclave, add a thriving arts scene, thread it through with natural wonders and steep it in centuries of history. What do you get? The greater Portland Region.

The bustling city and its surrounding communities are ringed by forests and farms, rivers and rolling hills, making it an ideal destination for both urban and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Here you can go from boutiquing to berry picking, hiking to haute cuisine, in a matter of minutes.

Visitor Information Center
701 S.W. Sixth Ave. (Pioneer Courthouse Square)
Portland, OR 97204
(877) 678-5263
(503) 275-8355

Trip Ideas

  • Craft Chocolate Tour of Portland
    Well-versed in the virtues of craft beer, spirits, cheese, charcuterie and, of course, coffee, Rose City residents also enjoy the fruits of the city’s other bean scene: craft chocolate. Wielding homemade winnowers and repurposed grain... More
    Jen Stevenson, Guest Author
  • 12 Joyful Portland Holiday Traditions
    There’s plenty of time all year long for new adventures, but the holiday season is a meant for celebrating traditions. It’s never too late to start. Here are 12 classics we’ve rounded up for you.... More
  • A Night Out, Portland Style
    With a reputation for its creativity, enviable lifestyle and casual atmosphere, it’s no surprise Portland offers an equally laid-back nightlife scene. Beyond this bastion of outrageously good food and drink exists an intoxicating variety of... More
    Margaret Everton, Guest Author

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Portland Region


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Do you have recommendations for an afternoon tasting beer in Portland?

An afternoon doesn’t give you much time, so I’ll limit this list. Were you to be staying longer, this list could grow quite a bit. Deschutes in downtown Portland (actually the Pearl, but that’s not important) is definitely one of the best places to consider. You may well know Deschutes, but it’s really worth visiting the…

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