Riding Around Oregon

When the journey is the destination
March 11, 2018

Anyone who has felt the rush of pedaling down intricate singletrack deep in the Oregon forest, or any network of carefully designed trails, knows the importance of the state’s dedicated cycling culture.

Just as Oregon’s early settlers relied on their horses, so we now have our bikes — sturdy, faithful companions that are ready and willing to accompany us on every one of our adventures around the state. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lean, mean road warrior; a low-key city cruiser; a laid-back stump jumper; or an elbow-to-elbow cyclocrosser; Oregon has something awesome for you to do while perched on top of two wheels. Here are some places to start pedaling.

Mountain Biking

Allow us introduce you to Oregon’s best mountain biking destinations across the state, where a wide variety of knobby-tire communities welcome you with miles of trails to shralp and plenty of places to stay, eat and imbibe nearby.

Road Biking

Whether you’re looking for urban cruising or to get out of town and see some of Oregon’s most stunning scenery, we want to help you do it from the seat of a bike.

Fat Biking

Fat bikes can be ridden year-round on snow, sand and loose dirt. In Oregon fat biking opportunities are nearly endless. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Oregon Scenic Bikeways

Oregon Scenic Bikeways are official state-designated routes selected and curated by experts, with printable maps, GPS and signage. They are the state’s best road rides, showcasing incredible, only-in-Oregon scenery — and we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to try to experience them all.

Mountain Biking Hot Spots in Southern Oregon

Why walk through the forest when you can ride? Southern Oregon is home to multiple excellent mountain biking destinations in the Umpqua and Klamath National Forests.

Fat-Tire Biking the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast’s 363 miles of glorious coastline are full of wonder, largely car-free and accessible for us all. Fat-tire bikes are made for riding on the sand and taking in all the rocky headlines and wide-open shores.

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Mountain Bike Adventures

North Umpqua Trail
69Mi, Challenging
Black Rock Mountain Bike Area
McKenzie River Trail
25Mi, Extreme
McKenzie Bridge, Willamette Valley
Post Canyon
17Mi, Moderate
Small-Town Charm, Big-Mountain Riding
Ride the Sandy Ridge Trail
Sandy Ridge Trail System

Oregon Scenic Bikeways

Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway
134Mi, Moderate
Old West Scenic Bikeway
174Mi, Challenging
Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway
61Mi, Moderate
Port Orford, Oregon Coast
Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway
36Mi, Mild
Cottage Grove, Willamette Valley
Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway
55Mi, Extreme
McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway
38Mi, Extreme
Sherar’s Falls Scenic Bikeway
33Mi, Moderate
Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway
51Mi, Moderate

Fat Bike Rides

John Dellenback Dunes
13Mi, Challenging
Bandon Fat Bike Beach Ride
19Mi, Moderate
Banana Belt Loop
10Mi, Moderate
Gold Beach, Oregon Coast
Go Fat Biking This Winter

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