Oregon in Bloom

Stop and admire the flowers
March 11, 2018


As the seasons change, Oregon’s flower trails do too, with new blooms bringing special summer moments.

Dahlias take the spotlight from tulips. Spring gardens make way for fields of U-pick fruit. Wildflowers emerge in alpine meadows. All these colorful changes make for exciting adventures to discover what’s in bloom — and the other nearby attractions too. Here’s how to make the most of the new season.

Wildflower Hikes

Hiking in early summer is a treasure hunt of color as wildflowers bloom in the meadows and mountains of Oregon. Look for beautiful blossoms on these seven favorite trails.

Southern Oregon Lavender Trail

Perhaps the most aromatic summer route, the Southern Oregon Lavender Trail showcases the farms and festivals of Applegate Valley home to fields of vibrant purple.

Dancing with the Dahlias

Meet one of the largest grower of dahlias in the country, Swan Island Dahlias in the Willamette Valley, and get fresh-cut flowers daily through the summer.

Top Things to Do in Oregon This Summer

Summer isn’t for taking the paths most trodden — it’s prime time for uncovering the state’s best-kept secrets and revealing a fresh side of much-loved spots you may think you know well.

7 Ways to Taste Oregon Fruit

Summertime in Oregon is all about the fruit — and not just the plump, juicy berries we find at U-pick stands and farmer markets in nearly every corner of the state. Here are the ways to enjoy Oregon fruit this summer, in all of its glorious bounty.

Elkton’s Butterfly Playground

Nature reigns supreme in the Butterfly Pavilion, where monarchs and painted ladies will leave you spellbound. It’s also a great reason to visit this charming community, tucked in the coastal mountains along a Wild and Scenic River.

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