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Take Care Out There

Oregon invites you to prepare, care and connect.
February 6, 2020

In a noisy, busy world, Oregon extends a quiet invitation: Come find yourself in our wild places  and please, take care out there. Help preserve the state’s outdoor spaces by following these responsible recreation values: Prepare. Care. Connect. And be sure the pack the 10 Essentials before you go outside. 


A family getting ready to ride bikes

Plan Ahead

Prepare before you head out. Consider what you want to see and experience, your group’s physical abilities and what’s realistic to do in the time you have. Can you visit off peak to avoid crowds?

2 people hiking up rocks

Be Ready

Check conditions. Pack your Ten Essentials. Got the right shoes for the terrain? Water? Cell phone? You may not always have coverage, so take a picture of the trail map or bring one with you. Consider hiring a guide.

2 people looking at a map

Don’t Forget

Let someone know where you’re headed and when you plan to be back. Tuck some cash in your pocket for park fees (that help maintain our natural spaces).


2 people walking in the woods

Make Smart Choices

Know your limits and when to stop for the day. Follow the signs; they’re there to tell you important stuff like how to avoid injuries and not get lost. 

Head of bald eagle for Take Care Out There campaign

Be Respectful

If you’re lucky enough to spot wildlife, use your zoom lens and observe from afar. Share trails with others. Know who manages the land you access and what the rules and regulations are.

Two people walking on the path at Painted Hills

Keep It Natural

Stay on designated trails and areas to protect the landscape. Don’t take anything home but your trash—and please, please take your trash with you. Make wildfire prevention a top priority. 


A child in a field of flowers

Enjoy Yourself

Experiencing the quiet, awe-inspiring beauty of nature can not only uplift your spirits, it can improve your health. Think of Oregon’s vast outdoors as your place to relax and recharge. 

A guided tour

Say Hello

Greet fellow adventurers and spark a conversation. Check in with a visitor center, ranger station and/ or local business to learn from the locals, grab a map and gather local insight. 

people in a museum

Spread Goodwill

Share your knowledge with others if it’s helpful. Support the community— eat, drink, shop and stay local. Stop by cultural centers to learn our history and peoples’ relationship to the place. 

Multnomah Falls by Mountain Legacy

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