Tierra de Lobos

Tierra De Lobos Winery is a 2-man operation and their winery is a 500 square foot converted garage. They pride themselves in growing their own grapes and handling every step of the winemaking process. From harvesting all the way to bottling, everything is done by hand in small batches to ensure the best quality in their wines.Their business depends on the land and while the wines are not certified organic, no chemical pesticides or fungicides are used in the vineyards. A good wine starts in the vineyard, and that’s what Tierra signifies in its name: a reference and reminder to respect the land we all depend on through sustainable farming practices that are environmentally friendly

Good grapes will make a great wine and at Tierra de Lobos, and they love showcasing the true characters and flavors of the grapes, so they aim to make wines as purely as possible. Sample Tierra de Lobos wines at their Tasting Room in The Dalles, Oregon along the banks of the beautiful Columbia River. Enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the gorgeous scenery around you.