Kelley Fox Wines

Kelley Fox Wines is a small winery started in 2007. The annual cases range between 2700-3000, and the wines are distributed all over the world. Over the eighteen years of being a full-time winemaker in the Willamette Valley, what I have been doing for quite some time is responding to the vines and what is happening all around them while I work, and responding to my wines. Responding. Not imposing.

The wines are not a form of self-expression, and they don’t reflect an effort to make them like my favourite producers’ wines and appellations. They are not coaxed or forced into something the vineyards are not. There is no style. My sole role is that of service to these beautiful, inimitable places on earth, unlike anywhere else, and service to their wines. My hope is that the wines clearly and purely sing of their vineyards.