Handmade and Homespun in Pendleton

Few places in America conjure visions of genuine Western tradition like Pendleton. You’d be hard-pressed to find a town that so naturally blends charm, bare-fisted grit and ambition. Here you can immerse yourself in Oregon’s frontier heritage.

: Susan Seubert


The West is still wild in Pendleton.

This is a city that prides itself on heritage. Discover its colorful past at a cultural museum, underground tour, bronze art trail or the world-famous Pendleton Round-Up. It’s like stepping back in time without losing modern-day comforts. After all, where else can you learn about native tribes, attend a rodeo, go golfing, drink craft beer and play slots all in the same day?

501 S. Main Street
Pendleton OR 97801
(541) 276-7411
Nearby cities: Adams, Pilot Rock, Helix, Athena, Weston

Trip Ideas

  • The Fastest Way to Slow Down in Pendleton

    Did you know you could zip from the city life of Portland to the Wild West of Pendleton in just an hour? The legendary Northeastern Oregon city is the prime destination for a weekend-size slice...
  • Where Tribal Stories Come to Life

    This is my family’s first visit to Tamástslikt Cultural Institute (pronounced Tah-must-slickt) near Pendleton. We’ve driven through the same lands crossed by Lewis and Clark, waves of traders, 19th century Christian missionaries and Oregon Trail...
    Lynne Curry, Guest Author
  • Families’ Guide to Fun in Pendleton

    Pendleton, that charming Western town at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon, makes for a unique family-friendly destination. There’s history and culture, parks aplenty, hiking trails, swimming pools, sports galore and even...
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What is there to see in Pendleton?

Pendleton is a great place to get a sense of the Native American, pioneer and cowboy history of Oregon. This guide will give you an overview of the history-related activities. Not to be missed are the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute and The Umatilla County Historical Museum. The town is most renowned for the annual Pendleton Roundup Rodeo….

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