Road Trip: Burns and Frenchglen

Oregon’s southeast corner is an area of remote and rugged beauty. Far from the wet coastline and forested mountains that characterize the state’s western region, this high-desert country is full of volcanic craters, craggy mountain peaks, untraveled back roads and abundant wildlife. Residents in these friendly small towns come from farming and ranching families that…

: Robbie McClaran


Located in the vast high desert of Southeast Oregon, Burns is a friendly town with a lot of heritage.

It also has plenty of outdoor activities. After all, Burns is near the Steens Mountain, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the Alvord Desert and many not-so-secret fishing holes and hot springs. Because Burns has easy access to epic, secluded scenic areas – the kind of places that you have to see to believe – you won’t mind the drive.

Trip Ideas

  • Steens Loop Tour Route
    Steens Mountain rises up from the sagebrush desert to nearly 10,000 feet. This 59-mile/95-kilometer loop includes the highest road in Oregon, traveling around and up this grand Great Basin landmark. More
  • A Simply Amazing Time at Silvies Valley Ranch
    The Retreat and Links at Silvies Valley Ranch in Eastern Oregon is a gold mine nestled within 140,000 acres of rolling hillside, fields of fragrant sage brush, forest and beautiful meadows hugging the various creeks,... More
  • High Desert Discoveries
    I'm a big fan of Oregon’s wide-open spaces, especially east of the Cascade Mountains - where the distances are great and the people are few. My love affair with the high desert runs deep; my fondest childhood... More
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What are the scenic backroads in Southeastern Oregon?

Southeast Oregon is a beautiful region with some great sightseeing opportunities. I love spending time in the city of Burns, they have some great parks and restaurants. Also, the Alvord Desert and the Steens Mountains are in the region as well. These a great stops with exciting backroads. I can recommend a few Scenic Byways…

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