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Oregonians are unapologetically passionate about food and drink.
September 13, 2021

It’s no wonder Oregonians are passionate about food and drink, considering the amazing natural ingredients at our disposal — from our fresh-caught salmon and wild-foraged mushrooms to hand-harvested sea salt and hyper-local, seasonal produce. Experience this year-round bounty at our food carts, farmers markets, U-picks, seafood counters, cooking schools and tasting rooms by following one of the many Oregon Food Trails — a hungry road-tripper’s best friend. 

Stretch the noodle cart owners stood in front of their food cart.
Xuemei and Duane Simard, along with their son, have made a popular downtown business out of their Chinese hand-stretched noodles. Portland's food carts are an incubator for family businesses.

How to Explore Portland’s Food-Cart Pods

Food carts thrive today thanks to the easy access to authentic, affordable, globally inspired restaurant-quality food — along with the fun, social, open-air atmospheres. In Portland it’s just a way of life to meet up with friends at any of the hundreds of food carts, organized into dozens of “pods,” or clusters all around the city. Here are some of the Rose City’s food-cart pods to start your culinary tasting journey.

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Watermelon, cantelope and tomatoes on display at farmers market booth

Find a Farmers Market in Oregon

Strolling past booths overflowing with fresh produce and buying local products directly from growers and makers is a quintessential Oregon activity. Oregon farmers are ready to greet you with the fruits — and vegetables — of their labor at one of the many farmers markets around the state.

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Person on bike in front of Signal and business in the North Portland neighborhood.

A Visitor’s Guide to Portland’s Neighborhoods

The Rose City is comprised of six distinct geographic regions, each with its own personality and diversity of shops, restaurants and attractions. Portland’s regions started out decades ago as quadrants — Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest — framed by the Willamette River, Burnside Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. But the city grew to encompass North and most recently South Portland thanks to the growth of neighborhoods, visitor-friendly businesses and gathering spaces.

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Potted plants, yams, potatoes and onions on display in market.

Get a Taste of Oregon Food Trails Near You

Oregon Food Trails showcase the freshest local offerings of farmers, fishers, brewers and chefs. Each trail features the signature flavors of the region — from wine and beer to fresh fruit and produce and more. Take a look at how to get a taste of Oregon Food Trails near you or delivered to your doorstep.

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First foods, mainly roots, displayed on a table.

Celebrate Oregon’s Indigenous Foods

First foods such as fish, game, roots and berries — have nourished Indigenous people since pre-contact with Europeans and continue to serve important roles within the community. Here is your guide to Indigenous first foods in Oregon and ways you can experience, understand and even taste them for yourself.

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Oregon’s Destination-Worthy Breweries

Across Oregon, destination-worthy breweries draw thirsty patrons with sweeping views, vibrant patios and killer tap lists. Even in winter, chances are good we’re still outdoors, huddling around the fire and cozying up under cover.

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Meet the Women Changing the Distilling World

One of the only all-women-run distilleries anywhere, Freeland Spirits in Portland shows that the future of craft spirits is fierce.

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