Where the Wind Blows: Hood River

July 6, 2015 (Updated October 25, 2015)

A newcomer to the action sports world, kiteboarding has grown exponentially over the last decade. Chasing wind is a lifestyle that involves pure desire to do what you love, live simply and fuel your body to perform in challenging conditions. Each year, kiteboarding companies release innovative new technologies while riders push the limits of what’s possible.

Where the Wind Blows” is a web series that follows four women — all professional kiteboarders — as they chase the wind through Oregon’s windiest and most magical places. This series celebrates the pursuit of outdoor adventure, the beautiful landscape of Oregon, an active lifestyle and nature’s bounty.

Hood River is the inspiration for “Where the Wind Blows” as well as a dreamland for adventure sports. Every summer, people from all over the world flock to Hood River for the wind. As the epicenter of this emerging sport, Hood River attracts professionals and newbies alike to kiteboard. Beyond Hood River, great wind can be found along the majestic Oregon Coast, at Floras Lake and other locations along the Columbia River Gorge.

Follow our series to learn how these four passionate women, through the sport of kiteboarding, inspire others to be themselves, chase their dreams, care for their bodies and become stewards of the world around them. Visit wtwboregon.com for more.

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Jen Jones
Jen Jones is the founder of Moxy International, a creative agency of professional creatives and athletes who want to make the earth a better place. Jen’s goal with Moxy has been to create an umbrella of her skill sets to produce work — sustainably, ethically and responsibly — with a dream team of other creatives. Moxy’s mission is to shed light on the benefits of healthy and responsible living through examples of extraordinary human achievement. You can find her where the wind blows, or where the waves meet the shore; she’ll be in the water, or at the nearest coffee shop, laptop up, camera at her side and ready to relive the action.

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