Tacos Tumbras

This listing is provided by The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce

Tacos Tumbras serves an enticing variety of fresh, flavorful dishes. From the alambre plate and taco albanil to the tostada pollo and quesadilla adovada, the menu is a celebration of deliciousness. Don’t miss out on the burrito tinga, sope lengua, torta chilanga, and huarache jamon, each crafted with the freshest ingredients for optimal quality and taste.

At Tacos Tumbras, you’ll experience not only good food but also fast service and a friendly counter guy. Spice things up with the array of delicious salsas or keep it mild—your choice. Try the pickled onions, carrots, habaneros, and jalapenos to add an extra kick, though they come with a warning—they’re super hot.