Hopstories: Ex Novo Brewing

October 4, 2017


When word came to us that there was a brewery starting in Portland that had the goal of donating all of their profits to local charities, we had to check them out. One week after they opened in 2014, we sat down with Joel Gregory, the owner and brains behind Ex Novo Brewing Company.

Out of the gate, Ex Novo partnered with four charities, pledging $25,000 to each and planning to switch out charities as they hit their goals.

Joel designed the brewery space very intentionally. There are details all over the space that give it a welcoming and uniquely homey feel.

“I feel like I’m inviting people over to my house when they come here,” Joel says.

They brew a wide variety of beers, but they are most known for their Elliot IPA and Mexican Lager, which are available in cans at the brewery and around the region.

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