Hopstories: Gigantic Brewing

March 1, 2017 (Updated March 3, 2017)

Featuring unique, comic-book-inspired labels and great beers to match, Gigantic Brewing Company has an aggressive edge that matches the brewers. As Gigantic Master Brewer Van Havig says, “The artwork is amazing — it’s because we don’t work with crap artists, we work with real artists.”

The name is a bit of a joke. Brewmaster Ben Love notes, “We always had a goal for how big we want to be, and it’s not very big. We didn’t want to grow to be that next huge brewery. The name came out of the fact that we wanted to be small.” They sell a little beer a lot of places which makes them seem larger than they actually are.

It is a small space with a outdoor deck that is often packed. As a neighborhood pub, it attracts lots of regulars from their slice of the city.

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