Umbrella Falls Trail

The 3.4 mile long Umbrella Falls Trail travels from the junction of the Timberline Trail, across the Mount hood Meadows access road, passing Umbrella Falls, onto its eastern endpoint at the junction of the Elk Meadow Trail near Hood River Meadows. To reach the falls, travel on the trail about 1/4 mile northeast from the Mt. Hood Meadows Access road.

The portion of the trail west of the access road provides easy access to magnificent mountain views and floral displays and is ideal for those unable to visit the rough terrain generally found around the timberline. From the access road, the trail climbs gradually uphill, first through a forested area, then through the open meadows located in the ski area. The well defined tread leads through the open meadows whose floral displays include Indian paintbrush, cat’s ears, lupine, bistort, western pasque flower and avalanche lilies early in the season. The trail crosses Mitchel Creek in 1.1 miles and terminates at its junction with the Timberline Trail #600.