McMenamins Edgefield Pub Course

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Said to be loosely based on the mythic links described in Michael Murphy’s novel Golf in the Kingdom, these two par-3 Pub Courses (20 holes & 9 holes) meander throughout the Edgefield property, winding in and around thickets of blackberry bushes, all the while offering panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge while you work on your short game. Holes vary from 43 to 84 yards in length; all guests are welcome, even those who’ve never swung a club! Both courses are equally challenging, mostly for beginners, but fun for all.

Tee times may be reserved two weeks in advance at the Distillery Bar. Walk-ups are also welcome, but availability may vary. Clubs may be rented and golf balls may be purchased at the Distillery Bar. Groups of two, three and four, and singles are welcome.

West course, 20 holes

East course, 9 holes