Yesterday & Today Records

This listing is provided by The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce

Step into Yesterday & Today, a haven for music enthusiasts and vinyl aficionados alike. Formerly known as The Record Shop since 1989, the establishment transformed into Yesterday & Today in 1996, finding its permanent residence in the heart of historic downtown The Dalles in 2014. Immerse yourself in a unique auditory experience where the resonance of vinyl transcends mere sound, inviting you to truly listen and savor the music. At Yesterday & Today, we curate a collection of both new and used records, CDs, and DVDs, inviting you to explore the rich tapestry of musical genres. Break away from the ordinary, embrace the commitment of placing a record on the turntable, and rediscover the joy of listening – a nostalgic journey where each album feels like hearing it again for the very first time. Drop by and let the music speak to your soul; it’s an experience that transcends time and resonates in every groove.