Mount Talbert Nature Park

Over 4 mi of trails circle and traverse this 200-ac forested butte, rising 500 ft over the urban landscape below. Apr-June are the best months to visit, when wildflowers grace the understory and migrant songbirds fill the treetops. Check summit trees in early morning for migrant Black-throated Gray, Hermit, Townsend’s, MacGillivray’s, Wilson’s, and Nashville Warblers, plus Warbling and Cassin’s Vireos, Western Tanager, and Pacific-slope and Hammond’s Flycatchers. Orange-crowned Warbler nests here. The oak forest on the SW flank hosts White-breasted Nuthatch. Other residents include Pileated Woodpecker, Hutton’s Vireo, Winter Wren, Brown Creeper, and Steller’s Jay.

From I-205, take Exit 14 and follow signs for Sunnybrook Rd. Go E on Sunnybrook 0.1 mi to the first road (97th Ave) and turn R (S). Follow 97th (which becomes Mather Rd) for 1 mi to the parking area on the L.