Walport Family Cellars

Walport Family Cellars is a celebration of family and wine with a deep appreciation of the natural beauty and bounty of the Applegate Valley.

Utilizing dynamic farming practices, including the incorporation of permaculture principles, dry farming methods and the use of babydoll sheep and chickens, Walport Family Cellars is committed to sustainability, increasing the resiliency and productivity of the land and a great respect for natural resources.

The Award Winning wines are an exceptional expression of these values, nourished by unspoiled soils, pure waters of Slagle Creek and the sustainable health of our vines.

Walport Family Cellars is located in the heart of the Applegate Valley, the breathtaking views, comfortable picnic facilities, locally sourced cheese, charcuterie and breads make this a perfect place for family and friends to gather to enjoy the best of the Applegate Valley and an extraordinary glass of wine.