St. Innocent Winery

St. Innocent Winery was founded in May 1988 by Mark Vlossak, the current winemaker and president, as well as eight investors. St. Innocent produces small lot, handmade wines. The winery has purchased a 47.5-acre property in the South Salem Hills and has planted 15 acres of their own vines, including Pinot noir and Chardonnay. St. Innocent also works closely with local growers in an effort to emphasize the beauty and personality of single vineyard designated Pinot noirs. Unique sites produce grapes that have a concentration of the flavors reflective of their site-based terroir. Maintaining a close working relationship with growers allows a collaborative fine-tuning of viticultural techniques in order to capture these flavors and aromas in the wines.The philosophy of winemaking at St. Innocent is to illuminate the function of wine: to complement and extend the pleasure of cuisine. Characteristics of wine enhance and alter the perception of different food and flavor combinationsthis interaction amplifies the enjoyment of a meal.