Eastside Distilling

Eastside Distilling was founded in 2008 on Portland’s Distillery Row during what is now considered the early days of American craft distilling. Once a small producer of fine and flavored rums, Eastside Distilling today is hardly recognizable after growing into a regional powerhouse. Eastside produces the iconic Quercus Garryana aged Burnside Whiskey portfolio; a family of whiskeys ranging in age and mash bills that are sourced then blended by Master Distiller Mel Heim.

These ‘Oregon Oaked’ whiskies are the first of their kind and described as a love letter to the city of Portland – born out of curiosity and engineered as a grand experiment of the various qualities that the Pacific Northwest terroir has to offer. But whiskey isn’t their only claim to fame; Hue-Hue Coffee Rum pushed the boundaries of coffee spirits as a cold-brewed rum that is not a liqueur and their love of marionberries is apparent with their multiple award-winning products that incorporate the unofficial state berry. Portland Potato Vodka, canned cocktails and Big Bottom Gins complete an eclectic collection that bridges ingenuity with history.