Fermenter, a 4-seat casual counter spot, is a stand-alone restaurant as well as an innovation lab and prep hub for Farm Spirit restaurant, which moved around the corner to Belmont Street in early 2019. Devoted to all things cultured, brewed, preserved and probiotic, the micro-restaurant will serve an ever-changing plant-based menu sourced from farms and markets within the restaurant’s immediate region. The space will offer a limited menu with two options: “For Here” and “Take Away.” 

The “For Here” option consists of a light tasting menu designed to be a quick lunch at the counter. Plates of fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables will be accented with house-made funkiness like a variety of miso, vinegars, nut-based cheeses, and lacto-ferments. Chef/owner Aaron Adams will be preparing daily creations based on his pantry and whatever is fresh and in season.
The “Take Away” menu will offer a daily creation of various grains, legumes, fresh and fermented vegetables, and a choice of spicy, savory, or smoky sauces. A rotating list of house-made kombuchas, kefirs, fermented sodas, and ginger beers will be available to enjoy on-premises or to-go.
With Fermenter, Adams’ ultimate goal is to develop a blueprint for a sustainable micro-restaurant that provides nourishing, inexpensive plant-based meals with as little environmental impact as possible. Still sourcing ingredients from within 105 miles of the restaurant, Fermenter will use refundable-deposit food containers and glass jars, as well as sell stainless steel mugs, and thermoses. On a personal level, Fermenter represents an opportunity for unharnessed culinary and individual expression for Adams. A detailed manifesto spells out his intentions on the website and the front doors of the establishment.