Bamboo Sushi – (NW Location)

Bamboo Sushi is the World’s first certified sustainable sushi restaurant. We specialize in traditional, as well as contemporary Japanese cuisine using the finest ingredients with the utmost regard for sustainability. We have a wide selection of options from nigiri and sashimi, to steaks, grilled fish, udon soup and vegan and vegetarian options too. We are a scratch kitchen and therefore, make everything fresh, in house, each day, including our spectacular desserts. We look forward to hosting you soon, and creating a wonderful experience for you and your friends.

Established in 2008, Bamboo Sushi was created in direct response to the problems facing our oceans today. Overfishing has created a severe depletion in the world’s fish stocks, and as consequence, scientists estimate that we may only have another 50 years of seafood left in the oceans. Bamboo Sushi is the first sushi restaurant in the world to be certified for sustainable sushi. That said, we aim to create an atmosphere of enjoyment and quality, thereby ensuring that sustainability is both fun and great tasting. It is our mission to help do our part to heal the oceans, all the while creating a memorable dining experience.