Gresham Japanese Garden (Tsuru Island)

Tsuru Island, or better known as Gresham Japanese Garden, was completed in the Spring of 2014 by countless volunteers dedicated to the rebirth of this landmark in Gresham, Oregon.  

The mastermind behind the garden design is Jim Card, a retired professional landscaper. His expertise and connections in the industry made this project a huge success for Gresham, along with the support from the city of Gresham. Finding Tsuru
Island is quite simple. Head to Historic Downtown Gresham and enter through Main City Park off of Powell Blvd and Main Street. Upon entering Tsuru Island, you will be greeted by a landmark in its own right—the beautiful arching bridge. The park and Tsuru Island are open daily from sunrise to sunset. Admission is free.

The Gresham Japanese Garden is also steward to the land south of Tsuru Island; Ebetsu Plaza and Ambleside Annex. Stroll through these areas as well and enjoy the two bronze sculptures by local, and nationally-acclaimed sculptor, Rip Caswell. Enjoy a lunch in the public picnic area of Ambleside Annex, and read the Garden’s newsletter housed in the Community Reader Board.  

If you have your bike with you, the trailhead to Springwater Trail is a stone throw away. There is ample parking in the park. One lot in front of Tsuru Island, and another by Ebetsu Plaza.