Huntington Wagon Road Junipers – Heritage Tree

Along this mile-long extant section of the Huntington Wagon Road, four juniper trees bear the ‘blazes’ of early travelers in the late 19th century. Three trees were blazed to mark the direction of the road. Soldiers that camped along the road during the 1870s also blazed one juniper with a target for shooting practice. Large caliber bullet holes are still visible in the "Target Tree" today

Located at Huntington Wagon Road Trail Head: exit hwy 97 at Deschutes Market Road and follow signs to Deschutes Market Road. Continue to interesction with Dale Road and turn left (east) and travel 0.8 miles to McGrath Road. Turn right on MacGrath Road and go 1.3 miles to a parking area on the right side of the road after the cattle guard.