Clatskanie Mountain

After winding along a scenic stretch of the Nehalem River from Vernonia to the hamlet of Mist, Hwy 47 climbs north over the east flank of Clatskanie Mountain. At 1200 ft, this is the highest elevation along the Columbia Loop, and may be closed or hazardous from Nov-March if winter storms bring snow to the Coast Range. Douglas-fir and red-cedar forests along the highway are privately owned. Daytime access on foot is permitted along some side roads, subject to posted restrictions. By walking along these roads, you may find Ruffed and Sooty Grouse, Gray Jay, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Varied Thrush, and Red Crossbill in the older stands. Recent clearcuts may have Mountain Quail, Western Bluebird and White-crowned Sparrow. Ravens patrol the skies. Note that access may be closed due to active logging or fire danger. Gates can be locked without notice, so do not drive in. Take care not to block access when you park outside a gate.

Along Hwy 47 between Mist and Clatskanie, MP 4 to MP 8.