The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum

Famed and yet unknown Portland adventurer Conrad Talmadge Elwood had a dream, but forgot it when he woke up. Still he spent a life time traveling the globe in search of the inexplicable and the freaky. Established in 1967, The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is a one-of-a-kind store and interactive gallery and museum dedicated to Elwood's blurry vision.

Maybe not for the squeamish or very young, brave visitors can discover interactive displays, featuring urban legends and myths, like aliens, bigfoot, zombies, a haunted dollhouse and experiences for all six senses, including unusual art, toys, novelties, gags, books, comics, tricks, one-of-a-kind oddities, ephemera and more. All while having crazy candy, complete with edible insects and the likes. In Conrad Elwood's words, the Peculiarium is a store dedicated to learning and terror.