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Burns Paiute Tribe

The Burns Paiute Tribe are Northern Paiute people, culturally related to all the other Indigenous people of the Great Basin, a region that spans what is today Eastern Oregon, Nevada, Western Utah and parts of California. 

The Burns Paiute were created here and have lived in the high desert since time immemorial. Current archaeological evidence in the Northern Great Basin points to a tribal history spanning more than 750 generations, which is in keeping with the tribe’s own understanding of its origins and homelands.

More About This Tribe

Northern Paiute oral history speaks to a time of ice and water before land was present. As land emerged, Paiute people lived in balance with the four-legged, winged and other creatures who are indigenous to this place. Tribal members today follow unwritten sacred laws for living and protecting families, their ancestors and the ecosystem through their cultural practices and heritage. Its primary values are reciprocity and balance.

Outline of Oregon with Burns Paiute Tribe tribal land displayed.

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