7 Wonders of Oregon: Smith Rock

Smith Rock draws climbers from across the globe, and it’s considered by many to be the birthplace of American sport climbing. But there are many ways to see the high desert of Central Oregon. Here are a few of our favorite ways: Ride: Central Oregon is a cycling and biking paradise. Mountain bikers will love… More
: Christian Sorenson


Terrebonne (“good earth”) is high-desert horse country, best known for a rock — and not just any rock.

Terrebonne hosts the world-famous Smith Rock State Park, considered the cradle of American rock climbing. Miles of climbing routes tower above and the Crooked River splashes below, as soaring golden eagles share the skies with the dramatic peaks of the Cascade Range.

Trip Ideas

  • Smith Rock Family
    The young rock climber was ecstatic. One more move and Lauren Neumann had reached the top of Night Flight — her chosen climb at Smith Rock State Park. At the summit, she threw out her... More
    John Connor, Guest Author
  • Ride the Sisters to Smith Rock Scenic Bikeway
    Oregon’s 11 official scenic bikeways — curated routes chosen to showcase the best and more beautiful rides in the state — offer plenty of variety to choose from. The Sisters to Smith Rocks Scenic Bikeway... More
  • Glamping in Central Oregon
    Even when it's damp outside, we still want to get out there — to the forests and trails, the water’s edge, the mountains that are full of nature in all her glory. Camping is often the... More

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Where should we go stargazing near Bend?

Hi Jason, welcome to Bend! There are two actual observatories, one in Sunriver and one at Pine Mountain east of town. Aside from that, I’d suggest getting away from the lights of town. Smith Rock would be a good choice, or head up Cascade Lakes Highway to Mt. Bachelor or one of the Cascade Lakes. Brasada…

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