Portland to the North Coast

Highway 30 is not known for being a particularly speedy or direct route to the Northern Oregon Coast, but if you have the time and inclination to adventure one weekend, many interesting things can be discovered tucked away in little hamlets and small towns along the way. Starting South of Germantown Road, take Highway 30… More
: Scappoose Bay Paddling Center


Named by the Chinook Indians who first resided here, the town of Scappoose thrives alongside the Columbia River flowing out to sea northwest of Portland.

Paddlers launch into the secluded watershed of Scappoose Bay to spy scores of birds along the Pacific Flyway, watch for wildlife and catch a glimpse of the river’s only remaining lighthouse. Search the antique stores, hike the wetlands or fill your berry bucket at a nearby farm.

Trip Ideas

Don't Miss in Scappoose

Scappoose, Fred Meyer: Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charging Station
Scappoose Bay Marine Park Nature Trail
Scapponia County Park
Scappoose Bottoms and Crown Zellerbach Trail
Watts House Pioneer Museum
Joy Creek Nursery

Tasty Detours Near Scappoose

Mark’s on the Channel
The Kitchen At Honeyman Creek Farm
Scappoose Community Farmers’ Market
Ye Ol’ Grog Distillery
St. Helens, Portland Region

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