Road Trip: Wasco, Moro and Maupin

Between the Columbia River Gorge and the high desert of Central Oregon lies an undiscovered country. Sunny and tranquil, the highways wind through a string of small towns where friendly residents have been quietly making their living in farming, ranching and outdoor recreation for generations. Towns like Wasco, Moro and Maupin aren’t exactly secret, just…

: White River Falls


Named for a 19th-century pioneer who also ran a ferry here, Maupin’s history has long been tied to the Deschutes River.

Today you can enjoy the river in myriad ways: Book a rafting or fly-fishing trip, or just enjoy the rich animal and bird life with a hike along the water.

Trip Ideas

  • Fly Fishing and Road Biking in Maupin

    Every spring we plan a trip around the emergence of a 3-inch insect that flops clumsily in the sky like a small bird. It is the famed salmonfly hatch, and it’s the reason we first...
    Laura Crawford and Russ Roca, Guest Author
  • White River Adventure

    This week I hit the open road to explore the valleys east of Mt Hood and discover the White River Wildlife Area and White River State Park. There are nearly 30,000 acres of refuge that...
  • Whitewater SUPing on the Lower Deschutes

    My legs shook as I used a long, one-bladed paddle to push my stand-up paddleboard (SUP) away from shore. I engaged my core, bent my knees and kept my board at a 45-degree angle to...
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Ask Oregon

Where can I go rafting near Portland with a 6 year-old?

For rafting near Portland with a six year old I’d suggest the Deschutes River near Maupin. It’s a great introduction to rafting and flows all summer long!

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