Road Trip: Villages of Mt. Hood

You choose the sports and the season; communities along this scenic route lay out the welcome mat 12 months a year.

: Robbie McClaran


While driving the most significant elevation climb on Mt. Hood, you pass through Brightwood, Welches, Zigzag and Rhododendron — the villages of Mt. Hood.

 Located in close proximity to high-mountain lakes, rivers chilled from the mountain’s melting glaciers and the Mt. Hood National Forest, this is the outdoor enthusiast’s playground. Explore the landscape by bike, ski or foot; ride the waters in a kayak or raft; or test your skills at fly fishing.

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Can you ski at Mt. Hood in the summer?

The summer skiing on Mount Hood rocks! We were just up skiing on Hood yesterday and it was an amazing day. When are you coming, do you need to rent gear, and what would say your ability level is currently? Can’t wait to have you out here in Oregon! Have a fantastic day and can’t…

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