The Enchanting Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge

Trails and vistas that will leave you spellbound
March 11, 2018

It’s places like Ramona Falls, where rainbows get caught in water and moss carpets stone, that make Oregon’s forest trails feel so special.

You don’t need to go down a rabbit hole to explore this outdoor wonderland. It’s easy to uncover the splendor of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge. Just look to the horizon to find the towering volcanic peak of Mt. Hood. Or listen for the roar of the mighty Columbia River as it rushes by the gorge’s ancient basalt cliffs.

Within these boundaries you’ll find no ends of delights. Hiking and biking trails weave in and around the woods, with the reward in the journey as much as the viewpoint. The valleys are peppered with farms and orchards, and the table is set with the seasonal ingredients and craft drinks. Sometimes all the wonder can’t be put into words; instead you better to experience the region for yourself. Here is a taste of what you have in store.

Mt. Hood Hiker’s Bucket List

The graceful white cone of Mt. Hood beckons to outdoor enthusiasts with its bucket-list hiking trails through old-growth forest, to reflecting lakes and waterfalls, up steep backwoods climbs and across scenic alpine canyons.

Explore These Hikes in the Gorge

Looking for wildflowers, waterfalls and epic views? Head to the Columbia River Gorge, where miles of scenic trails are still open for exploring. These special Gorge hikes may just become your new go-to spots for nature therapy this year.

Fun on the Water in Hood-Gorge

Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge are swimming with water sport opportunities. All that rain the Pacific Northwest enjoys annually drains into a natural playground, where playtime comes with a sail or paddle.

Mountain Biking Hot Spots in Mt. Hood & the Columbia River Gorge

The region’s diverse geographical features provide the perfect canvas for mountain bike trails. From singletrack to freeride, log rides to drops and gaps, you’ll find the trail system right for you in Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge.

Mt. Hood Scenic Byway

The glacier-caked summit of Oregon’s highest peak creates a dramatic centerpiece for this 100-mile route that skirts the mountain through fruit valleys and thick fir forest.

Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway

Early visionaries engineered an inspired drive along the Columbia River Gorge’s towering walls. As America’s first scenic highway and a National Historic Landmark, this 70-mile route is indeed the “King of Roads.”

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