Ramona Falls Trailhead

The Ramona Falls Trailhead provides access to numerous trails including the Sandy River, Ramona Falls and the Pacific Crest Trail.  By combining all three of these trails, visitors can make the Ramona Falls Loop through the Mount Hood Wilderness.  Ramona Falls is a jewel drawing visitors to the area.  The Sandy River, a designated Wild and Scenic River, is a dramatic example of the forces that a glacial fed river can bring forth to change the landscape. Physical signs of a volcanic debris flow from over 200 years ago are evident where the trail is near the Sandy River.

Provides access to: Ramona Falls Trail #797  which enters Mt. Hood Wilderness.

From the Ramona Falls trailhead, visitors take the Sandy River Trail one-mile eastward to where it crosses the Sandy river. There is no footbridge. Visitors will eventually come to the Ramona Falls "loop" itself.

The large parking area can accommodate more than 50 vehicles.