Where the Wind Blows: the Gorge

August 27, 2015 (Updated October 25, 2015)



Where The Wind Blows continues eastward as four professional female kiteboarders chase wind along the Columbia River Gorge. The girls display their diverse skill set as conditions proved tough; gusty winds and fierce currents kept the ladies on edge. Being a well-rounded kiteboarder requires performing well in all conditions. With creative filming by Moxy International, Colleen, Sensi, Laura and Lindsay show the power of collective energy, as they push each other and bring a high level of riding to the session. This is Where The Wind Blows.

Editor’s Note: “Where the Wind Blows” is a web series that follows four women — all professional kiteboarders — as they chase the wind through Oregon’s windiest and most magical places.  See the beginning of this journey in Hood River here

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Jen Jones
Jen Jones is the founder of Moxy International, a creative agency of professional creatives and athletes who want to make the earth a better place. Jen’s goal with Moxy has been to create an umbrella of her skill sets to produce work — sustainably, ethically and responsibly — with a dream team of other creatives. Moxy’s mission is to shed light on the benefits of healthy and responsible living through examples of extraordinary human achievement. You can find her where the wind blows, or where the waves meet the shore; she’ll be in the water, or at the nearest coffee shop, laptop up, camera at her side and ready to relive the action.