Loncheria Jalisco

This listing is provided by The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce

Growing up in the heart of their family’s culinary legacy, the owners of Loncheria Jalisco absorbed the secrets of crafting perfect tacos from their parents. Their tireless passion inspired them to expand beyond a cozy restaurant, and open “Loncheria Jalisco.” Here, succulent marinated meats, handcrafted salsas, and thoughtfully selected ingredients promise an exceptional culinary experience. Ingredients are sourced locally, support the community, and ensuring each plate bursts with freshness and flavor. Yet, it’s not just about the food—it’s about creating memories. Tacos, for Loncheria Jalisco, are a symbol of togetherness, celebration, and laughter. With each meal, they aim to share the magic and flavors of their family tradition, honoring time-honored recipes that have brought joy for generations.