Historic Highway Bingo

September 1, 2016 (Updated September 19, 2016)

You might feel a little intimidated by how much there is to see along the Historic Columbia River Highway.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

See jaw-dropping waterfalls, find the best viewpoints and trails, learn about the region and take too many pictures.

Now you can reap the rewards of your exploration with Historic Highway Bingo, a limited-time game hosted by the Friends of the Columbia Gorge in honor of the route’s centennial celebration. Each Bingo card corresponds to a section of the 73-mile Historic Columbia River Highway, with special prizes offered to finishers and the best photo-takers and hashtaggers (#gorgebingo).

Grab a bingo card, some friends and a sense of adventure. The Gorge is calling.

Wahclella Falls

Itinerary #1: Troutdale to Waterfall Alley

Just a short ride from Portland is the western entrance to the Historic Columbia River Highway, where a classic American town ushers the way into a wooded wonderland filled with scenic viewpoints and impressive waterfalls. This 20-mile segment of the historic highway is popular for good reason.

Photo credit: Joe Quavillon / Friends of the Columbia Gorge


Thunder Island

Itinerary #2: Scenic Corridor to Mitchell Point

Drink up incredible views and craft brews on this 30-mile stretch of the historic highway. Thanks to restoration work, previously abandoned sections of the historic highway are returning to their early glory days.

Photo credit: Jane Garbisch / Friends of the Columbia Gorge


Rowena Crest

Itinerary #3: Hood River to The Dalles

The eastern section of the historic highway features some of the best views without the crowds. It’s also chock-full of history, from innovative tunnels and landmarks to nature preserves home to rare species.

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